Fashion trend Forecasting

Collaborative trend research tailored to your brand’s needs.

Women­­swear cool­hunting based in Barcelona

Get real-time insights into retail

We offer creative solutions and work hand-in-hand with your team to boost your fashion design process



We provide trend spotting from new perspectives using innovative formats – direct from the main European cities and with a creative and commercial approach.

What we do

Research and active collaboration to develop your best collections

Comprehensive research study on trends

Fashion field analysis, research into consumer trends, art, design, fashion and socialbehavior. Specific reports tailored to the brand and the customer. Trend reports based on the high street market, fairs, exhibitions, festivals and art. Tracking of the main fashion and lifestyle communication channels.

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What the big players are doing

Analysis of the main fashion players/benchmarks in the retail industry. Quantitative and qualitative studies and monitoring the evolution of trends.

Fashion trend reports based on the European market. Customized analysis for each brand/client. Specialist knowledge of the industry in Brazil and the rest of South America.

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Sketching what the market wants

Collaboration with the fashion team on concepts, themes, color palettes and set fabrics/printings for collections.

Creation of moodboards for concepts and capsule collections based on benchmark fashion trends, with a new and fresh approach.


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Key pieces and development

The purchase of sample pieces in accordance with the client’s development demands. Sample shopping focused on several approaches: new patterns, textures, color and/or details. Continuous monitoring of the evolution of the season’s trends in line with the brand/customer profile. Design and development of spec sheets for key products.

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We are at the heart of it

Living in Europe means we are agile, offering real-time proximity and the ability to track what is happening in the high street fashion market.

We know the culture

We are specialized in the South American fashion market, with considerable know-how in the Brazilian fast-fashion industry.

We offer new solutions

We are experts in interpreting fashion trends, we know how to deliver content to ensure it is taken on-board by the company’s different internal targets.